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Have you always wanted to get sales and customers from the search engines, but Google stubbornly lists your competitors websites rather than yours?

The simple truth is your website may never reach its full potential because of bad SEO design and poor marketing strategies – or no marketing at all! This is not good. This means means customers – your customers – are going elsewhere because they don’t see your offer or your services on the internet.

Now, you may have thought that the only options you had were to either to hire an expensive internet marketing consultant or SEO Specialist. (And whilst it is a good idea….. there’s a major problem with that though. Usually consultants like that cost upwards of $200 per hour and require lock in contracts. That’s simply not viable for a small business.) Or alternatively you could learn to do it yourself  ( but who has time for that!)

So let’s start with one simple thing that you can do now – which wont cost you a cent.

Before I tell you about it I would like to introduce you to us, Rankwell Digital Marketing

We specialise in the many ways to increase a website’s conversions and traffic and we know how to get the most effective use out of almost any marketing budget!

Here at Rankwell Digital Marketing we’ve been helping small business owner throughout Australia with their online marketing for over 10 years.

Whether you want to rank highly on Google, get an new or updated website or run an effective Google / Facebook Ads campaign, we are the missing piece of the puzzle you need to finally make your dreams a reality.

Rankwell is different – because we specialise in small business marketing.

Sure, there are other many other Digital Marketing Agencies out there. Unfortunately most of them concentrate on the big corperate clients who have “unlimited advertising budgets” and multiple sales channels – which gives them more time to get it right.

Small business has none of these luxuries. They need results as fast as possible and they need good results from the start. And they need to know that they will be getting back more than they are spending.

How do we know this?

We are a small Australian business as well. We really do understand!

Let Us Help You ( for free)

First thing to do is let us see if we can help you – starting with a free, no obligation SEO audit of your website.

This is an easy to understand document that will give you an overview of the key areas where your website is excelling or failing. (We have seen other internet marketing companies charge hundreds of dollars for this analysis alone. Not at Rankwell, we don’t. )

Please understand this is a real value offering. We look at each website individually and make our personalised recommendations along with providing a PDF report. And most importantly we will recommend fixes for each and every problem identified.

Here`s some of the things you will find out:
– Page Load Speed – too slow = losing customers.
– Is your site mobile friendly – it had better be!!
– Do you have correctly formatted titles and descriptions in place telling Google what your website is about?

This is all offered with no obligation and at NO CHARGE TO YOU!
Of course we do hope though that you will consider Rankwell when it comes to implementing an Internet Marketing plan for your business either now or in the future.

Start Here

You really have nothing to lose, take action now.
This might be just start of something amazing for you and your business – the exact thing that you need for customers to find and chose you instead of your competition.

Simply fill in the form below to get started and we will be in touch with 24 hours

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Note: your Site Audit will be carried out by our team  and sent to you within 24 hours. Usually much sooner. Any advice given is indicative and should be implemented by an experienced SEO specialist or web designer . Your report be emailed to you so please ensure you put in your best email address.


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